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Covid Capsule Collection

In this post pandemic world, people have have consciously become aware of their choices regarding the methods of interaction with the world outside of their homes, be it grocery runs or business meetings.

Such global scale phenomenons call for disruptive design interventions to support the rebuilding of a hyperconnected society which was shaken up by covid-19.

These changes in our habits and experiences have lead to a mindful evolution of design to back new ways of living. As creators and contributors to the infrastructure of our community, we have collaborated with our fellow makers  to provide an honest response and solution during the aftermath of a global crisis.

‘Sani-station’ , ‘Hands-free handles’ and ‘Clip on’, have been conceptualised in collaboration with Six Inch India, with an aim to make everyday-living in the new world more efficient and stress free.

All the products have been designed with care, keeping in mind the need of improvisation and adaption whilst providing service to the community.

If you would like to know more about our covid-19 related products or connect  with us to discuss  intriguing collaborative ideas, reach out to us at  or DM us at

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