ChapterTWO is a creative collective rooted in Delhi, co-founded in 2020 by Anamika Singh, Akhil Raj & Sukanya Raghuvanshi. Built as a powerhouse of great design and perceptions.  Characterized by transparency and creative solutions through persistent exploration of functionality, form, potential and human needs. To aide design and modernism and as a tool for a better and efficient everyday life.


Our personality is best described as a culmination of synergies, with an aligned visual vision.  An unique juxtaposition of identities with an audacious and creative thought-flow driven to construct a stimulating environment, bold enough to crack the glass ceiling.


Our essence is to integrate design at all societal levels with functionality, warmth and creative expression. To build innovative products, spaces, concepts and experiences by studying intuitive and honest interaction between people, products and spaces, for an elevated quality of life. 

We seek to push boundaries of the design discipline with continually evolving work, bold vision and progressive design thinking for the ever-changing world, whilst adding a fresh new perspectives.

With a multidisciplinary approach, we focus on forward thinking, adaptable and experimental abstraction enabling our creative universe.

By way of utilitarianism, we hope to formulate a contemporary and meaningful environment for individuals and entities to be enjoyed across the world.

Anamika Singh

Design Director

Anamika Singh, an NID graduate in furniture & interior design. Anamika holds an impressive portfolio of 25 plus products and multiple projects just at the onset of her professional career. A firm believer and follower of ‘actions speak louder than words’. Continually looking to device experiences that create & engage curiosity whilst building meaningful products that amplify everyday life. Her approach to design is blended with personal experiences, all in a direction to evolve and become/create a better & refined 2.0 version

Akhil Raj

Design Director

Akhil Raj, an industrial designer and graduate from NID, Akhil lives an active lifestyle with a utilitarian approach. A keen observer with a knack for solving complex daily needs situations to create design solutions.
With a smashing portfolio of 35 plus products in his young career, he believes in spending all his waking days surrounded by inspiration and healthy debates. “Break the box, instead of thinking outside these box”

Sukanya Raghuvanshi

Creative Director

Sukanya Raghuvanshi, Mba graduate in luxury brand & marketing (GCU) and a literature grad from DU, her take on brand communication is centred around human behavioural psychology (emotions and reactions). “A great brand’s intention should be- to trigger a sentimental memory or an aspirational fantasy”. She endeavours to study perceptions & habitual thoughts around the globe and expose herself to diverse cultures and experiences.
Her belief in creative expression and empowerment through work has brought along an amusing equation to channel wit into work