ChapterTWO. is a creative collective rooted in Delhi, co-founded in 2020 by Anamika Singh, Akhil Raj & Sukanya Raghuvanshi. Built as a powerhouse of great design and perceptions.  Characterized by transparency and creative solutions through persistent exploration of functionality, form, potential and human needs. To aide design and modernism and as a tool for a better and efficient everyday life.


We exist at the forefront to identify relevant gaps, observe & practice good design.

To explore the big shifts in culture and inspire design forward thinking.


Our vision is a dynamic blend of art, design & culture for a conscious future.


Our mission is to bridge the gap b/w aspirational & accessible design with young energy and creations that define cultures + evolutions.


Anamika Singh

Design Director

An industrial designer & co-design director at, continually looking to device experiences to engage curiosity whilst building democratic products that amplify everyday life.

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Akhil Raj

Design Director

Co-design director and a core industrial designer. A curious observer with an organic knack for solving the complex daily situation through design solutions.


Sukanya Raghuvanshi

Creative Director

A creative brand strategists & the creative director. She endeavours to study perceptions and habitual thoughts around the globe and expose herself to diverse cultures, behaviours & responses.