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Anamika Singh

Akhil Raj


Exhibition Design



Showcasing our  first exhibition design project with SPIN for their very intriguing stall design at India Design 2017. Purpose for this design specifically  was to build contemporary and ground-breaking interactive aesthetics. To translate the manufacturing and design strengths of the brand  in the stall as similarly reflected in its  products range.

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The design thinking behind the stall construction was to make it fully modular, which could be prefabricated in the production centre,  packed ,transported and assembled on site. 

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The challenge was to design with available material pallet of sheet metal, wood, metal sections and wood boards. 

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The final construction was composed of aluminium pipe structural boxes bolted together with Allen key screws. The walls were internally built with pipe sections and boards for strength and cladded with sheet metal panels on both sides.

The wall was designed as a showstopper to showcase our first industrially designed product, Neo chair. 

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The multi-coloured diagonal panel designs are inspired by confetti echoing energy and celebration, craftly used to translate the launch of SPIN’s introductory range in a physical space.

Infographics throughout the elevations were done as a horizon line by dissecting the wall elevations depicting engaging approach and storyline of all products.

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We attempted to illustrate  USP of the Neo range which was fully knockdown and a modular product range and DNA of the brand made the production  possible with specific design  and techniques.

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